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Proud Home of the Bruins

Blackford Junior-Senior High School is home to approximately 850 students known as the mighty Bruins. We serve seventh through twelfth grades. Located in Blackford County, Indiana, our school exemplifies excellence in academics, competition, and character.

We invite our community to stay in tune with and learn about all things Bruin as you explore the pages of our website. We’re confident that once you know us, you will Believe in the Bruins as much as we do.

Please be aware that the junior high's phone/fax number is now the same as the high school. Office staff will not receive any messages or faxes left at the junior high.
(765) 348.7560 Phone
(765) 348.7568 Fax

Enforcement of Safety Procedures

Students, Parents, and Community Members,

We are always evaluating our policies and procedures here at BJSHS, and we attempt to adjust those when we believe change is needed to keep our students as safe as possible. Students may bring backpacks/purses to school and leave them in their locker, but we will not allow them in our classrooms or hallways during the day. This policy is in our 2019–20 student handbook on page 15 listed as number eight (8) under the heading of Dress Code. 

We realize that this may cause some inconvenience at first, but in cooperation with our local law enforcement and consulting with other administrative staffs in our area, the belief is that we will have a better focus on keeping our facility safe and secure with this policy enforcement.

Thank you,

Mr. Scott Shimer
Blackford High School Principal

A Message from Our Principal

Welcome to Blackford High School!

We are very excited to have a building that has been upgraded and enhanced to allow all students to grow and achieve at a high level here at Blackford Junior-Senior High School (BJSHS). We are very excited to add the junior high team and the high school team together in one facility to create a staff that will make sure our students get the best education possible. We have improved our facilities in may ways such as new paint, more educational classroom space, new athletics facilities, and technology upgrades, just to mention a few. This year we have all of our secondary students under one roof which includes grades 7–12. We have an outstanding staff to lead the students down the path of their educational journey, and with the dedication of our community to see our students succeed, we will see great things happening here in Blackford County. Our door is always open here at BJSHS, so please come buy and say hello. If you have questions, please call and allow us to clarify any and all concerns. We also want to celebrate any time we can, so please feel free to tell us about all the good stuff as well. We hope to talk to you soon!

Mr. Scott Shimer

Mr. Scott Shimer